Arcade, quality bicycles built to last

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Arcade, all aluminium, all stainless bicycles made in France

The Arcade bicycles are designed and manufactured with an intensive use in mind and to resist all weather conditions (ie. 24 hours outdoor storage, salinity level on the île d’Ouessant)




Sleek design, brushed or polished aluminium frames, anti –UV Epoxy powder coating to keep colours bright over time.

Great-looking and robust, you are going to love Arcade bicycles !



Arcade, reliable, low maintenance bicycles

The experience we gained with bicycle fleets for a demanding professional customer base allows us to offer you reliable low-maintenance bicycles.

  • Lighter aluminium frames, reinforced welds
  • Anti-puncture tyres, very effective against glass, nails, thorns…
  • Reinforced inner tubes .  Low porisity for fewer inflations. 
  • Complete Shimano sets for extra reliability or hub-integrated gears and roller brakes
  • Long-life : anti-corrosion chain for improved performance
  • Stainless spokes, double-walled rims
  • Aluminium pedals with tempered steel ball bearings
  • Li-ion polymer battery
  • Stainless anti-corrosion fixings and accessories.  Nothing is left to chance !



Shaft drive, ride chain and grease free !


Arcade Cycles are the European leaders in shaft drive bicycles which have become our speciality.

Thanks to this technology, inspired by prestige motorbikes, a shaft drive  replaces the chain, with many advantages :

  • Cleanliness : no more grease on the bottom of trousers
  • Security : no more chain coming off
  • Longevity : the Shimano Nexus transmission system, entirely protected in the pedalboard and rear hub, is sheltered from projections (dust, mud, sand, stones, salt in winter) and very resistant to falls
  • Low-maintenance : reliable and durable, the system replacing the chain and derailleur does not require any specific maintenance
  • Fluidity and simplicity of gear change : the changing of gear takes place independently of the pedalling, in a stationary position or whilst pedalling, without any derailment risk.


Riding without chain and grease is cleaner and safer.  Gentlemen, forget the unique look of bicycle clips !  Ladies, forget all about chains coming off ! 


Arcade Cycles, innovations acknowledged by the trade

Arcade  bicycles are developed  in our design office in La Rocher sur Yon in the Vendée. Arcade Cycles have successfully adapted shaft drives since 2005.


Arcade Cycles has launched the first and only ( to date) Shaft Drive Electrically-Assisted Bicycle.


Arcade Cycles has won the first price of the Vélo Sliding at the Cycle Trade Show in September 2009.


Arcade Cycles has won the innovation prize, in the transport/vehicles category, at the Mayors Show in November 2010 for the Long Box, its electrically-assisted Cargo bicycle.


Arcade Cycles has registered a patent for the T-Box, its electrically-assisted Freight Cycle.


Sleek design, from drawings to 3D plans, from the geometry studies ensuring a comfortable position on the bike to materials strength studies for both static and dynamic finished elements.


d.	Arcade Cycles, des innovations reconnues par la profession