Arcade's civic commitment


We share the same values, those of the bicycle…

We share the same values, those of the bicycle :  respect of Man and Nature.


We contribute to the economic and social development of our Vendée territory.  We create jobs and export more than 20% of our turnover.  Your shopping is our job security.


Our factory’s location in your vicinity improves our carbon footprint.


We are involved in a Sustainable Development project, available for download here : Arcade Cycles Responsible Development Charter

Our suppliers have given their committment to honour an ethical charter complying with the principlesof the International Labour Office , available for download here : Arcade Cycles Supplier Code of Conduct 



Les vélos Arcade sont recyclables à plus de 90%

Arcade bicycles are over 90% recyclable

Arcade Bicycles are over 90% recyclabe in mass (proven by a mass analysis of our products’ recyclability carried out by a specialist firm)


We subscribe to the eco-organization Batribox and pay an eco-tax for the collection, handling and recycling of our Electrically Assisted Bicycle batteries.
With over 1000 Batribox collection points, there is bound to be one near you.  Fin dits address on and do the right thing by taking your out of order batteries there.



Arcade, the mobility bicycle

Arcade, the Urban Bicycle.  Our bicycles are designed to be mobility bicycles and make your travelling in town more enjoyable.

Arcade, le vélo mobilité

In our view, Bicycles stand for health, energy, freedom and conviviality.


To promote the development of bicycle use in towns – in addition to walking and the use of public transports – is to contribute to the improvement of our quality of life in towns.

Towns where different means of transport exist harmoniously side-by-side in 30 zones or large meeting zones and where civility is once again respected.



  • FUB website
  • Website of Ville et Territoirs Cyclables
  • Government website – Plan National Vélo




Arcade Bicycles security, nothing is left to chance

Arcade Cycles do not compromise on the safety of their bicycles users.


All our bicycles are approved by an independent testing and measuring laboratory, according to french and european standards.


Mechanical breaking strength of frames and forks, braking performance on dry and wet ground, tightening of stems and seat posts, lighting…nothing is left to chance.


At Arcade Cycles, work has meaning

Chez Arcade Cycles, le travail a du sens

At Arcade, we take very seriously the working atmosphere, assistance amongst colleagues, flexibility as well as the development and progression of every employee.


It’s all about setting examples, be close and transparent…along with an ambitious training plan and continuous improvement programme in all roles.


We don’t all enjoy equal working opportunities.  That is why as employers we exceed the statutory 6% disabled employees percentage.  We also regularly employ the ESAT Sauvegarde 85 from La Roche sur Yon.